Ann McDermott – Team Administrator

Ann McDermott, Team Administrator for Team Al and Sandy, has real estate in her bloodline. Originally from Connecticut, her father was an economics professor emeritus at the University of Connecticut and her mother was a real estate attorney. With parents who bought and sold properties, analyzed markets and even helped others invest their funds, Ann was sure to join the business.

“Everybody says I cut my teeth on real estate,” said Ann, laughing. “It’s a family love, that’s for sure. My grandfather even used to buy and sell property. He was a builder out on Long Island.”

As early as junior high, Ann worked in her family’s property management and development business where she learned some of the ropes of real estate. After high school, Ann pursued her love of dance, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Dance. She and a friend opened a dance studio in New Haven, Connecticut, working with underprivileged children and she later became a professor at Quinnipiac University. After four years, the college left its liberal arts programs behind, allowing Ann to investigate a second career.

It was then Ann’s mother became ill and Ann nursed her through years of illness and remissions in Tucson where her parents had relocated. During one of her mother’s remissions, she suggested Ann get her real estate license, which she did in 2004. Ann had spent time as a child visiting Tucson so she was familiar with the area. As soon as Ann had her license, she went to work for Long Realty where she started out at the Northwest office.

After working for several years with two brokers who specialized in condominiums and historic properties through Long Realty, Ann worked with another broker in the SaddleBrooke area. When he retired, Ann took over the business and became an agent in her own right. Ann eventually moved from Long to another agency, but ended up returning to Long Realty. A manager then suggested she join a team and that’s when she connected with Al LaPeter and Sandy Kantor in August 2015.

As Team Administrator, Ann uses her Associate Broker and REALTOR® licenses to help clients find their dream home as well as the rest of her team where she processes paperwork, manages listings, helps the other agents and more. She loves doing it all.

“There’s nothing I don’t like about working in real estate,” said Ann. “Everybody tells me my clients love me because I make them feel comfortable and they trust me. I look at myself like the mama bird of the team. I love looking at houses and we get to meet people from every state in the union and sometimes from other countries.”

In her spare time, Ann enjoys hiking and spending time with her husband Jim of 40 years as well as the rest of her family. She also likes to volunteer with Long Cares, the Long Realty charity, and the Animal Emergency Care Fund, a nonprofit her husband co-founded designed to help people afford life-saving medical care for their pets.

For a successful real estate experience with a skilled and friendly approach, call Ann McDermott today at (520) 461-4108.