Advanced Marketing Program

Our marketing program begins with the expert photography and descriptions already discussed, but certainly does not end there. We will:

  • Put your home in the MLS and on Long Realty’s website (which is the most visited real estate website in Southern Arizona).
  • Put up a sign in front of your home, with a rider showing your home’s private website, to show that the home is available
  • Feature your home on our website,, for which we make significant investments in Google, Yahoo and Bing to make sure that our website and our listings show up high in searches on these sites.
  • Make sure that your home is featured on all major real estate websites, where it will show up higher in a search than most other such listings because we are Premier Agents on many of these sites. We can provide you with a list of the many websites we are currently using, as these do change with new developments.
  • If appropriate, place your home’s listing on a broad range of global websites.
  • Feature your home on our Team Al and Sandy website, which attracts visitors from all over the country and from Canada, Mexico and some parts of Europe.
  • Create a website for your property, and advertise this website on the sign we will place in front of your home, on your home’s Internet listing pages and on flyers and brochures for your home. The website will include photos, a video of the home with voice-over or music, and all listing information including our premier-level description of your home. John-whether we include this depends on the cost to create these mini-websites.
  • Send out postcards to your neighbors letting them know that we have listed your home, because they may have friends or family who wish to move into your neighborhood.
  • Network with other agents: We will present your home to the 150+ Realtors in the Oro Valley office of Long Realty and to the Realtors in other appropriate Long offices as well. We will schedule your home to be on the weekly Office Tour of the Oro Valley office and any other appropriate Long offices. We will send emails to make agents in other brokerages aware of your listing.
  • If appropriate, we will hold your home open as often as you wish…we have on many occasions sold a home during the Open House. (Some gated areas do not allow gates to be left open for Open Houses.)
  • Prepare high quality flyers and four-color heavy stock brochures as appropriate for your home, so that after a day of looking at homes, a tired home shopper can easily be reminded of your home and go to its website to learn more about the home.